Earth’s Journey

Earth’s Journey has been performed over 17 years in more than 600 schools reaching better than 130,000 students in the northeastern United States. It is available during the whole school year.

ej_2In Earth’s Journey the students act out the Winter Solstice and the subsequent under-standing of science theory inspires them to read more, write more, and explore, both individually and co-operatively, the science they have learned about in this program.

The mythical Native American story about a people 10,000 years ago creates enthusiasm for the underlying scientific content. The story also leads the students through a lesson in cultural diversity. They learn first hand how a different culture thinks and acts individually and socially about common problems and solutions.

Earth’s Journey is designed to meet a variety of state and national standards in all grade levels. Each student’s class attends a 45-minute Introductory Assembly, a 35-minute Workshop Session, and a 45-minute Interactive Theater Production.

“There is magic when Grandfather Turtle enters the room. A spell is cast on the audience -students and teachers alike- and for the next hour they listen, laugh and breathe (in) the spirit of what great learning is all about. Grandfather Turtle, a.k.a. environmental educator and performer Cliff Sunflower, weaves together a meaningful experience that seamlessly incorporates science, social studies and language arts and satisfies the soul, as well as the national standards in education.”

David and Riva Brown, Science Educators, Claymont, Delaware.

In Earth’s Journey, our auditorium was transformed into the world! The students ideas for costumes were so creative – from the tiniest moss to the largest volcano. The school reached a crescendo of creative movement as every child and teacher added their part to the web of life. My child learned so much while acting with her peers. She was engaged, she understood the impact of Earth’s journey around the sun and she had so much fun!

Anna Maria Marzullo Parent,
March Elementary School, Easton Pa

“I was extremely impressed by your ability to easily involve EVERYONE even those who may usually be reluctant to participate. The techniques you used to refocus the group after each activity were great. The sounds and movements that we made to represent natural phenomenon were marvelous. Simply a FANTASTIC educational program!”

Mr. Eugene E. Cioffi, III, Chief School Administrator,
Frelinghuysen Township School, Johnsonburg, NJ


$1,250 per day, per 300 students;
plus cost of travel.