Dancin’ with the Honeybees

Cliff Wright-Sunflower is a master beekeeper, environmental educator, storyteller and performer. In his audience participation program, “Dancin’ with the Honeybees”, he brings the scientific magic of the honeybee hive to life.

Dancin’ with the Honeybees is an assembly/workshop program presented by Cliff Sunflower. Using honeybees as his focus, Cliff reaches all levels of students and adults with concepts, facts and ideas about the Ecology of the natural world. Dancin’ with the Honeybees uses storytelling, poetry, prose, puppetry, music, dance and participatory theatre. The follow-up “Bee Touch Me Museum” lab program reinforces the science concepts presented in the main assembly.

Dancin' with the HoneybeesThe students are divided into workshop groups to taste the various honeys, to visit up close with an observation hive of bees, to make a beeswax candle, and most importantly, to share their bee fears, experiences and questions. Cliff answers all questions with words and images that respect the questioner’s level of understanding.

Cliff’s enthusiastic reverence for the study of science is contagious and inspiring. Classroom teachers and administrators are just as thrilled as the students by the mystery that Cliff reveals through his knowledge of honeybees.

With 25 years experience as a beekeeper and as the owner of Bear Honey Farms with his wife Lois, Cliff has gained a hands-on understanding of bees and their place in the ecosystem. As an environmental educator talented in audience communication, Cliff translates his knowledge into a program of creative dramatics that makes “Dancin’ with the Honeybees” a sound interdisciplinary educational event.

Dancin' with the Honeybees
“Cliff Sunflower is a frequent performer in our schools simply because he is an excellent presenter and his programs are outstanding. Cliff has a ‘nice way’ with children (and adults) of all ages that naturally captivates his audiences with hands-on interactive theatre stories and compelling science lessons. His Dancin’ with the Honeybees and Earth’s Journey programs are superb and highly recommended to other schools looking for the very best in teaching and learning that is both purposeful and fun.”

Dr. Ronald E. Davies, Principal
Owen J. Roberts School District

hb_bro“What a sheer delight! From the laughter and the genuine, heartfelt applause, you could tell that the teachers, parents and students thoroughly enjoyed the program. There is an old adage that the best instruction is that which teaches as it pleases and involves the child in the process. I have always believed that to be true, and your assembly programs and workshops were a prime example of just how effective that method can be… It was teaching at its best!”

Fay Manicke, Principal
The Pennsbury School District, Levittown, PA


School Programs

  1. Up to 300 Students (1 Day)
    • One Assembly and 3 to 4 workshops
    • $800 plus travel and materials
  2. 300 – 400 Students (1 Day)
    • Two assemblies and 3 to 4 workshops
    • $900 plus travel and materials
  3. 400 – 500 Students (2 Days)
    • Two assemblies and 6 – 8 workshops
    • $1,500 plus travel and materials
  4. 500 – 700 Students (2 Days)
    • Three assemblies and 7 – 8 workshops
    • $1,600 plus travel and materials
  5. Over 700 Students: Call for details

Church, Sunday School, Service Organization and Evening Group Program (maximum 300 people)

  • One hour program with follow-up period
  • $500 plus travel and materials

Conferences and Festivals

  • $1,000/Day plus travel, meals and lodging

Travel Expenses: $30 per half hour
Material Fee: $.40/Student for beeswax and wick

*All fees payable in US Funds